How can a hybrid model make learning even more powerful?

Gives students the best of both the worlds

With the hybrid model coming into play, students will certainly get to enjoy aspects like going to school through virtual classes, meeting teachers and so on. Nonetheless, we must not forget that times have changed drastically.

Education is merely not about memorizing concepts but is more about applying knowledge. Similarly, teachers might not have all the answers but will act more like discussion mentors, moderators capable of providing personalized digital guidance at home. Mobile apps in ICT in school education can strongly enable the procedure. All in all, we can now re-imagine it as a fun and enjoyable process.

students with learning tablet

Students feel empowered with the choice

The choice to learn as per their own speed, interests, time and place can develop stronger affinity towards learning.

When they find the flexibility to search information from the huge source available at their fingertips, they automatically feel facilitated. There is no one to check upon them repeatedly and judge their ways of learning. They become absolutely free to choose and pave their unique paths to learn, play and grow.

Truly personalized learning with Artificial Intelligence

Learning app and websites on mobiles are powered by AI that enable students to see content as per their learning level.

A student can look for subjects, concept clarity and many such things according to their classes and grades. AI keeps a track of it and in the due course of time keeps suggesting similar content. As a result, students can be gradually guided to build conceptual mastery on each topic.

Flip the model

This hybrid pattern will ensure active and associative learning and eliminate the culture of rote learning forever. The learning process uptil now was time-bound. Every student the same amount of time for understanding a particular concept the teacher is teaching. But isn’t that unfair?

This probably would change for good. We could now flip the model of learning and growth. Irrespective of their speed of learning, students get the same amount of time.

Every child’s uniqueness would get taken care of. For instance, if Bhuvan loves to learn only by reading, he is free to do so. And if Jatin wants to learn by practically doing it, he too could take his own sweet time to do so and learn. Every child will learn to ultimately relate real-life situations and not just to by-heart topics. Learning would be an enjoyable journey and not a rat-race limited by time.

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